I encourage email discussion beforehand and every session
is tailored to the specific requirements, both yours and mine.
I prefer your initial contact to be via email. I'm not always best placed for long discussions about sessions over the phone and like to give time and consideration to each request.
You can email me at : mistressvianne@hotmail.com.

Of course, if you simply must call and cannot wait but a moment, you may do so.
But only between the hours of 9am and 9pm.
My number in Australia is: 0435 741 334

*If I miss your call, I request you follow with an sms so I can advise you of my availability. I also rarely answer with held numbers and will only insist that you call back with your number showing when I do!
My number when in London is: 07981 679 279

I am currently a ‘Goddess who travels’ and ensure I conduct sessions from the finest dungeons available at any location, always utilising my own excellent collection of equipment. When in Brisbane, I conduct my sessions from a well appointed apartment with an impressive collection of toys and furniture and am perfectly capable of binding and using your body as I see fit. There is no escape…


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